miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

Infinite Tower

New month, new game. September's EGP theme is Neverending. The game is a platformer where you have to climb an infinite tower. If you fail, you can fall all the way down and will have to climb again. You can't beat the game and you can't lose neither, since there are no lives or health.

Move with cursor keys, jump with x button and use jetpack with z button.

Developed using Flixel as usual.


3 comentarios:

  1. level design is horrible

    controls sucks

    take a GD course my friend!

  2. Everyone says the controls suck, but in fact they are just more realistic. My first platformer was much like this. But really, if you want to take the stance that you can't guide yourself midair, you should also not allow mystical double jumping either. Neat graphics and wall jumping mechanism, and fun idea for neverending. Randomly generated platforms would have been great to add to this as well, to help break up the monotony, especially considering the high difficulty you aimed for.

  3. I was not aiming for realistic controls, but for retro-style controls, where you can't correct your direction in the air.

    Anyway, the controls are a pain in the ass, and need time to get used to them, which souldn't be the case in this kind of games...